How to Eliminate Credit Card Debt

Lately we have heard that poor credit has been increasing with a special emphasis on consumer credit. As we all know credit cards are included in this large family of consumer credit and are one of the main causes of family budget slippage. Despite all the advantages of having a credit card, if it is

Do We Like Debt So Much?

The answer can only be affirmative, right? After all, in 2015 the banks lent more 9.278 million euros to Portuguese families (about half to buy house and half to consumption and other purposes). At the end of this year, the debt of Portuguese households to the bank amounted to 118,500 million euros. During this period,

Credit Repairer Solve your Debt

Contacting a credit repair company can be a solution to clean up your credit history and clean up your personal finances. Solve your Debt is the first credit repair that was founded in Mexico and helps you settle your debts through a comprehensive savings plan backed by a legal contract. Solve your Debt is responsible