There are many people who would be able to take out a loan, but the application is not granted to traditional banks. The reason may be, for example. be that you are an entrepreneur, that you are new to Sweden or that you have no permanent employment. We specializes in lending money to these groups of people.


Borrow with us despite payment remarks

A payment note often puts a spanner in the wheel for anyone who wants to borrow money. Banks see this as a risk because it shows that the person has had problems paying their bills earlier. We does not see this as an obstacle but still receives a loan application.

However, a requirement for borrowing money is that you have a home that you own. Your home is our security. You can borrow up to 85% of the market value of your home. The interest rate is set individually and based on your financial conditions.

Other circumstances that may complicate loans from traditional lenders but which at  we do not pose a problem are:

  • unpaid debts that you want to settle
  • self-employed
  • lacks permanent employment
  • newly moved to Sweden


Slightly higher interest on loans

Slightly higher interest on loans

Before taking a private loan, one should be aware that the interest rate is generally higher than that of other banks. The reason for this is that the bank has a higher administrative cost, but that it also takes a higher risk than other banks.

The increased administrative cost comes from the fact that those who apply often have a more complex economy and require a deeper review during a loan application.

For many the only option and is used until you have better control of your finances. Then it is common to once again turn to the traditional banks, which can give lower interest rates.


Loan application online

Application for a loan from us is made online. In the first stage, you make a non-binding request. You specify their contact information and what type of loan you want – if it is for the purchase of new home or borrow extra money if you already have a home. No credit information is made at the first stage, but you just have to wait for us to contact you to help you further.


Loan promise for persons without permanent employment

A requirement for almost all mortgage lenders is that the applicant must have a permanent employment. If you are your own entrepreneur, project employee or substitute you are already disqualified there and the banks do not even have a credit check.

The situation is different where your financial history is more important than the current situation. You can apply for a loan promise and take out mortgage loans even if you do not have a permanent job. The interest rates on mortgages are, however, considerably higher and lie a few% units over list rates among the traditional mortgage institutions.